Privacy Policy


The creation and hosting of the Bethel United Methodist Church (Bethel) web page provides a means of identification and communication for the purposes of:

Providing Bethel UMC with a world identity Helping people locate the Bethel UMC physical church

  • Sharing our church's mission with the community
  • Communicating vital information to the parishioners
  • Sharing Christian witness
  • Providing a connectional link to those who are shut-in
  • Providing a connection to the world Christian community


The church council will appoint a webmaster, who will be the sole individual who may post information on the web pages. The webmaster will be responsible to the church council for enforcement of this policy.

Content Standards

Subject Matter- All subject matter on the Bethel pages and their links shall relate to church policy and programs, pastoral messages, Christian education and witness, missions and outreach. Individuals, staff, or other persons may not use the church's web pages to provide access to their personal pages on other servers or online services.

Pre-Approval- Prior to hosting material, the material, by type, shall be pre-approved by the church council. Types pre-approved at this time, considering safeguards listed below, are: